Welcome to Whisperwood

As a creative writer, I am always looking for tools that help with the trade. My search for these tools has taken the shape of a Livebinder which I dubbed Whisperwood.

Whisperwood is a sweet forest of the imagination, where sprites and fairies play hide and seek all the day long…Catch sight of one out of the corner of your eye, turn to look for them, and they are already gone, leaving only a tinkling hint of laughter in their wake. whisperwood 8

The winds rustle the leafy green canopy overhead, and yes, the wood whispers to the softly, supplying a steady stream of inspiration to fuel a writer’s imagination. It is a place of peace, of respite, of hope, and of natural beauty. Find a soft mossy space near the brook, with a pen and paper, then set the words inside you free.

Welcome to Whisperwood


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