Learning and Relearning

ship-of-dreams-2147058_1920There are still no new words…but there is movement on the project. By taking the time to step back, and re-assess what is in the written content, I’ve identified a few sticking places in the story. These sticking places have to do with some magical tech I introduced into the story. It created a fundamental logic flaw. Fixing the flaw means re-writing some very beloved scenes. I have some darlings, and now, it looks like I will need to murder them. Or, at the very least, put them in a straight jacket and lock them in a padded cell.

A few thoughts on this part of the process  has restored a sense of optimism and encouragement. I understand how much I’ve grown as a writer since I began this project almost two years ago. I recognize problems in the writing which I’m not convinced I would have been able to recognize even a year ago. I’ve begun to understand that a writing mind is always writing, not just when putting pen to paper, to fingers to keys.

The new scenes I will write to replace the ones I’m removing will result in a stronger story with a better structure. I understand this much while in the process of crafting this story. Beyond a stronger structure, I understand so much more about the process of building a story structure.

There is much that I will do differently-want to do differently- in the way I play my next story. I believe it might be time to begin planning that next story. Not to abandon this one, but to apply what I’ve learned writing this one. I once read that professional writers work on multiple projects at the same time, and I’ve heard this is a good way for them to avoid burnout. I think it is also a good way to apply what has been learned on a current project on the next project.


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