Hello, Learning Curve


So, as the title of this blog implies, this content is being created as part of a scholastic endeavor.  I just got waylaid by said scholastic endeavor.  If anyone out there has been paying attention, it’s clear my word count hasn’t increased in three days.  This is due to needed to provide a culminating representation of my work for the last seven weeks. I had in mind I would complete an infographic which summarized information regarding National Novel Writing Month, the inspiration for the SoloWriMo, and the content of this blog.

I sincerely underestimated how difficult it actually is to create an infographic. I discovered on Monday morning, I needed to submit a rough draft of the infographic by Tuesday night. Hello, learning curve.

Thus, Monday was dedicated to figuring out how to create an info graphic. The bulk of the day was spent on trying out various methods of infographic creation. Sometime around midnight I discovered http://www.canva.com. This sight is amazing for wysiwyg infographic creation. Around four am I had a slight handle on my infographic and stumbled to my bed.

Beginning Tuesday at 10 am I infographed. I infographed like the wind, breaking at noon only long enough to grab a bagel and cup of cold coffee. My infographs (cause all the info wouldn’t fit on a single graph) made it’s way to grading around eight o’clock.

Wednesday was spent recovering from Monday and Tuesday and attending to my other class assignments. This brings me to Thursday, today. Today is the day; the writing day. I will be delving into the remaing 4,000+ words I need to complete before noon on the 18th.  Writing. Writing must happen. Writing will happen, and it will be the writing that counts.

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