Once Upon A Time



In an earlier post, I stated I would share how I formulated my story. I developed the plot for The Prince and the Pirate Princess by utilizing the Once Upon A Time Storytelling Card Game. The makers of the game have created a companion Writers Handbook which provides guidance on how to use the cards for developing the basic elements of a story. It is a simple guide which is ideal for someone new to narrative craft.1007

While the cards and companion book are great for beginners, the system isn’t only for beginners. I had been writing for several years, and there were still juicy little tidbits of advice in the book which I hadn’t had the opportunity to learn.

The cards feature lovely artwork with just a touch of whimsy, and are great for breaking through cliched concepts, such as the “Evil Step-Mother” or the “Fair Maiden” when developing a new short fairy tale. The basic set offers more then enough to activate the imagination, but there are expansion sets which increase the variety of charaters, settings and plots which can be developed from the cards.


Images Courtesy Of: Atlas Games

No Promotional Consideration Provided.


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