The Quality – Quantity Conundrum


Since beginning this project, I utilized a productivity method designed to increase the quality of the writing. I have been writing everything by hand, then entering the hand-written story draft into a word processor.

This method has successfully allowed me to craft a better “first” draft of the story; essentially, the type written words have are being revised as they are being type written. This produces a better draft. There are entire sections of the handwritten drafts that read very differently from their type written counterparts, and invariably, the typewritten is the better of the two versions.

While this method has increased the quality of the writing, it has also nearly doubled the amount of time and labor I put into the story. This process, of hand-drafting, then entering feels ideal, in terms of producing quality writing. However, if I continue at this pace, I do not believe I will hit the word count goal which I set for myself in my project.

In order to meet this challenge, I have opted to forego handwriting the first draft, and instead, type this directly into the word processor. Though I have opted to make this choice in order to meet my deadline-goal, I intend to return to handwriting, then entering the documents. It is, for me, that ideal balance between quality and quantity.

Image Credit: Blank Page

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