Critical Oversight


I recently shared with a younger writer the need to make sure that everything in her mind regarding a story makes it’s way onto the page.  It’s too easy to assume that making a blanket statement such as “People need air to breathe” will automatically make the personal cost of breathing unclean air clear to readers.

This morning, in that wonderful zone between being half awake, and half asleep while luxuriating in the softness of my bed, I realized I had made a critical oversight in my story.  I will now have to apply my own advice.

This is a fantasy story.  I have introduced an element of fantasy and made it a central part of the protagonist’s challenge. Unfortunately, I forgot to incorporate this element for my other characters.  It’s always been in my mind, but it hasn’t made it’s way onto the page.

I will, therefore, be backtracking to add certain descriptive details so the reader will know this particular element applies to everyone in this world, not just the main character. I’ve already considered three different variations on how to incorporate this element, and feel this will enrich the world, as well as add credibility to this part of the protagonist’s challenge. It may not amount to more than a couple hundred words, bu I feel these are critical changes, or I wouldn’t do it.

Image Credit: Puzzle Pieces



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