The Solo NaNo


On May 19th, I committed to writing 25,000 words towards completion of a long form creative fiction piece in thirty days time. It is an academic endeavor, engaged in for credit towards completion of my Bachelor’s of Arts degree.

The goal of 25,000 words breaks down to roughly 834 words per day. While I do have this quantity of words in mind, I hope there will also be a reasonable level of quality to the writing project.

Since the 19th, I have completed a total of three writing sessions, producing a total  of 4392 words. What I have noticed, as I’ve progressed through the story is the tone the writing has shifted ever so slightly. The first few pages feel tentative and unsure. The last pages seem to have lost that insecurity.

I realize I may be “reading into” the tone I’m picking up on when I re-read what I wrote only a few days ago. I wasn’t feeling too secure about the technique I employed at the time I was writing these words.  Is this something every other author experiences?

It feels similar to other books I’ve read in that as the plot thickens, interest in the story grows. As the author of these words, though, I cannot be unbiased towards them. As much as I would like to be on the outside looking at them objectively, I am not. I am carving a tunnel through a mountain with only a vague idea of where I want to come out on the other side. I can see the opening, and will know when I reach the end, but the actual twists and turns I will make in this effort are a mystery to me.

Photo Credit: TJBlackwell


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